Settling Down and Buying Books

I am currently engulfed in the home hunting process. It has not gotten complicated yet but it has caused me to think about the direction my life is taking. It has now crossed my mind that it might be time to buy furniture.

It is probably a thought that many would think is delayed and should not require much thought. ‘We all need stuff right?’ But this is a big step for me, for the first time in my life I am not actually looking to move cities in the next year or two.

Before now I have been against the whole idea of accumulating stuff. I did calculations and it never made sense from me, every time I moved before I had to shed so many things I had grown to value. So I figured ‘why buy things if they were going to devalue or slow you down when it is time to move?’

But I think I am now ready and the rolling stone might have finally found its ideal spot. I knew that it was time when I crept into bookshops and started to buy books again. I had vowed to not buy many books again after I lost a whole book case of books during my move from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. But in the last year I have found that my resentment is wearing away and I can finally buy books again. I no longer think of 5 extra books as the means to an overloaded suitcase and a bunch of extreme customs costs. I am taking baby steps. I have a growing book collection, plates and a frying pan – two years ago I did not even have a fork to my name.

This is not a Valentine’s post, doubt anyone would expect that from me but this willingness to let stuff in my heart might be a sign.

Image Source: George MacDonald, Ephemeral Workbench

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